Lorraine Johnson

Over the past 10 years, Lorraine has created many new and unique
abstracts that she has exhibited and shared with those she appreciates and admires. She has taken art classes at the Torpedo Factory Art Center. She also incorporates her artistic passion through jewelry and embroidery.


She once sent a piece of her art and a letter to former President Obama and his family in appreciation for the way they have inspired her. She received a written response from the President thanking her for the art and kind words.

When it comes to art, Lorraine explained, “When I think of a vision of hope, my art is a masterpiece. It is a design for a vision and hope for the future. A masterpiece that is a work of art in progress.”

Photo Jun 09, 1 22 00 PM.jpg


Oils, acrylic paint, gemstones



Photo Jun 09, 1 19 47 PM.jpg

Unwavering Love

Gemstones, oil pastels, acrylic paint



Photo Jun 09, 1 18 28 PM.jpg


Gemstones, acrylic paint



Photo Jun 09, 1 14 44 PM.jpg


Ink, Watercolor, Oil Pastels, Gemstones



Photo Jun 09, 1 13 34 PM.jpg

Summer Time

Acrylic paint, watercolors, 3D dragonfly décor



Photo Jun 09, 1 16 50 PM.jpg

Heavenly Sunlight

Gemstones, acrylic paint



Photo Jun 09, 1 09 46 PM.jpg

Healing Waters

Acrylic paint, gems, watercolor



Photo Jun 09, 1 12 02 PM.jpg

Enchanting Allure

Acrylic paint, stickers, ribbon