Meet The Artists

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Karen Free

Karen Free, a gifted artist and long-time resident of Pathway Homes, passed away in 2011. She was remembered fondly and brought beauty to many through her paintings.

Alexander Botts

Alexander is a very talented artist who enjoys oil and acrylic painting on canvas. He creatively added sand to an acrylic paint piece for a textured look.

Sherril M. Crawford

Sherril states that through art she has realized, “You can overcome your illness. There is always room for hope. No matter what happens, we still have hope.”

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Robin Hecht

Not only do her artistic abilities contribute to her business “Button Covers & More,” they also help Robin develop self-respect, empowerment, as well as showing mutual respect to others.

Lorraine Johnson

“When I think of a vision of hope, my art is a masterpiece. It is a design for a vision and hope for the future. A masterpiece that is a work of art in progress.”

Mitchell Kato

Mitch believes art is pure inspiration. It sustains itself.

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Thomas O'Shea

"My choices, acts, aspirations, goals, research, abilities and kindness to leave without forgetting the past, family, and friends. This left me with a desire to give back."

Dr. Robert Sprackland

“Joy feeds hope, and my art is based on joy,”

Teri Sprackland

"The hope is that you can bring something into reality that exists only in your heart and mind.”

Paula Weidmann

An example Paula gave of finding a hopeful vision to inspire her is the tranquility of water. Her keen eye of peace within nature helps her create her art with impression, abstract, and realistic themes.

Nateé Winder

“I’ve been through a lot in my life,” Nateé reminisces. “I feel like what I’ve been through, others can relate...I’m gifted and motivated.”

She has highlighted that her family’s support has been one of her greatest motivators.

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Vickie Wolfrey

Vickie has successfully sold her work for use on greeting cards and publications. Her art helps her hope for a better world.

Sue Zywokarte

She attributes her focus on artwork extremely helpful to her recovery. 

“It helps me get out of myself,” She explained. “Being able to transcend fear and sadness to create a work of art has given me a lot of hope.