About Summer of the Arts

Paula with her remaining piece.jpg

The Summer of the Arts Exhibit showcases the creativity of members of our community who are living with a variety of mental illnesses and co-occurring disorders.

Humans have been drawing for thousands of years as a way to better understand the world around them. The very core of our humanity has been documented through art; and we use this medium to validate and analyze our frame of mind. For many individuals managing the symptoms of mental illness, drawing and painting provide a therapeutic outlet to express and understand their mental state. As a result, these artists exhibit works of raw beauty and inspiration.

Pathway Homes encourages and supports their talents by providing this annual opportunity for the individuals served to display their artwork publicly. Summer of the Arts has become an event that many look forward to all year. The anticipation and excitement is heightened by the fact that the resident’s pieces are displayed in a real, public gallery setting, and viewed by other local, talented artists and members.